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2023 Episodes

Episode 44 - Loki and the Whale ...With Special Guest Josh Edelglass
Episode 43 - Love, Jews + Robots ...With Guest Host Joshua Sky
Episode 42 - Treehouse of Talmud ...With Guest Host Rabbi Benjamin Sharff
Episode 41 - Ahsoka Tano, RJE
Episode 40 - Top 5 Jewish Characters ...With Special Guest Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik
Episode 39 - Indiana Jones and the Dial of Beshert
Episode 38 - The Latest Last Of Us ...With Guest Host Rabbi Eric Linder
Episode 37 - Jews in Space? ...With Special Guest Dr. Miriam Mora
Episode 36 - Cobra Chai ...With Special Guest Dr. Betsy Stone
Episode 35 - Genesis of the Spider-Verse ...With Special Guest Danny Fingeroth
Episode 34 - Mishpacha of the Galaxy
Episode 33 - Cancel Lashon Hara ...With Special Guest Rachel Frish
Episode 32 - The Mikvahlorian ...With Special Guest Ellery Weil
Episode 31 - Movie Midrash: D&D Honor Among Family
Episode 30 - Movie Midrash: QWundermania ...With Special Guest Terry Wunder
Episode 29 - Anniversary Special: A One-Shot of Biblical Proportions
Episode 28 - STRANGERAMA
Episode 27 - Forgotten Torah Stories: The Director's Cut
Episode 26 - It's Not Easy Being Keen ...With Guest Host Rabbi Elisa Koppel
Episode 25 - Passover's Four Children, Mmkay?
Episode 24 - Is It Golem? ...With Guest Host Rabbi Josh Fixler
Episode 23 - Loving Everything, Everywhere, All At Once
Episode 22 - Producing A Hit Spiel ...With Guest Host Rabbi Leah Berkowitz
Episode 21 - Phase IV: The Genesis Saga
Episode 20 - Captain Janeway's Transporter Trolley Dilemma
Episode 19 - Movie Midrash: May Wakanda Forever Be A Blessing ...With Special Guest Myq Kaplan
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