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Our Quest Awaits...

We have been overwhelmed by the love and support during our podcast's inaugural two years. Are you ready to join us on an epic journey to strange new smashes? To seek out new jokes and nerdy conversations? Our boldy goal is to continue to talk about Judaism and nerd culture by ourselves or with more incredible guests for at least 5 more years! 


Welcome to Torah Smash's 5-Year Quest, where we are scrolling for initiatives and leveling up our podcast for you, our listeners. And you can help us reach our goals!


Your contributions are worth more than mere gold and rupees, they're mitzvahs that help sustain and elevate our mission to make Torah accessible, engaging, and downright delightful for all.

So, join our adventure! Gather your dice, build your lightsaber, assemble the team, and let's embark on this together! Wether you're a seasoned sage or a curious apprentice, there's a magical place for you in our Torah Smash community. 


Are you ready to level up our quest? Let the adventure commence!

Donate today and become of hero of Torah Smash's 5-Year Quest!


If you are unable to support us financially, leave us a 5-Star review wherever you listen!

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Name: Torah Smash! The Podcast for Nerdy Jews

Purpose: To emphasize where our lives of Jewish learning collide with our love of nerd culture.

Description: Each episode, the hosts explore Jewish texts, history, and values and the apparent and invisible connections to popular movies, characters, and hobbies.

Length: Approx. 45 minutes, every two weeks.

Audience: Jewish individuals and professionals who have any interest in popular nerd culture. Family friendly dialogue.

-Listeners in 48 U.S. States and 54 Countries

-Average episode downloads in first 7 days: 109

     According to Buzzsprout, we are in the Top 25%

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Social Media: @torahsmash

Hosts: Barak Malkin, Ethan Lane-Miller, and Rabbi David Young bring over 50 combined years of Jewish professional experience. Each has found creative ways to merge their nerd passions into their jobs, throughout their careers. From synagogue professionals, to camp directors, to rabbi, they’ve done it all.

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