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Episode 13 - Dungeons & Discrimination?

Release DATE: October 12, 2022

RDY dives into his background as a Dungeon Master for a D&D group of Rabbis and we look into an article on magical creatures that makes us question our perception of the world around us.


The theme music for Torah Smash! was created by Shawn Fogel. You can check out Shawn's bands and studio work at


This episode is supported in part by MagneticShul, which is a tech-free, self-contained box with a synagogue background and magnets of the people and props we encounter at shul. The color sets invite children to play and create their own stories while at services or whenever MagneticShul is brought out.

MagneticShul makes a wonderful addition to synagogues. It is an educational tool used by all ages: free play, structured barrier games, stop motion animation, or just retelling the synagogue experience. For parents, MagneticShul is a wonderful tool for their children to discover the synagogue through developmentally appropriate play. It is portable and can be enjoyed both on the road, while driving, or in the comfort of your own home or at synagogue. Ultimately, MagneticShul is where kids play to pray.

MagneticShul is the brainchild of educator Justin Sakofs. The project was incubated through the PresenTense Global Institute with magnets produced in Israel, the tins are printed in China, and it is assembled by the clients of Keshet in Chicago.

To learn more about MagneticShul visit or contact its creator at



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