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Episode 33 - Cancel Lashon Hara ...With Special Guest Rachel Frish

Release DATE: July 19, 2023

In this episode, we are joined by Rachel Frish as we look at the complexities of the Hebrew phrase “lashon hara.” What happens when cultural icons speak poorly of others and how does it impact us as their nerdy fans?


The theme music for Torah Smash! was created by Shawn Fogel. You can check out Shawn's bands and studio work at


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Thank you for listening to this week’s episode, we touched on a few difficult topics. We want to make sure to say that if YOU or someone you know is a victim of abuse or in need of support, we urge you to contact your local clergy or the appropriate local or national hotline. If you are not connected to a clergy person, please call RDY. He can be reached any time at 833-722-2701. Everyone should always be able to find support when they need it.

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