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Episode 36 - Cobra Chai ...With Special Guest Dr. Betsy Stone

Release DATE: August 30, 2023

Torah Smash has special guest Dr. Betsy Stone to help us as we prepare for the High Holy Days. We tend to take a look inward and think of all the people to which we may have done wrong, because every year even though sometimes our heart knows, our head forgets. So we look at the process of teshuva with some of our favorite pop-culture senseis. And these lessons are not just for karate only. These lessons are for whole life!


The theme music for Torah Smash! was created by Shawn Fogel. You can check out Shawn's bands and studio work at


This episode was supported in part by

JewCE! (Jewish Comics Experience) which is a full day convention and preview night that brings together fans, creators, and industry professionals to explore the rich history and contributions of diverse Jewish creators and content in the comics medium. JewCE! is created and hosted by the Center for Jewish History in New York City. If you are interested in attending or to learn more, visit

Also visit the Center for Jewish History at for new information on the institution and their partners, who are all involved in the upcoming exhibit: the museum and laboratory of the Jewish comics experience, opening in October 2023 at the center for Jewish history.


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