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Episode 56 - 2nd Anniversary Special: Paraders of the Blessed Ark - Part Two

Release DATE: June 5, 2024

The second part of this year’s epic adventure to celebrate our podcast’s two years of being Jewish and nerdy. Can our heroes defeat this mysterious giant? Can they complete their mission? What happens to Tirza’s cat rock? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this epic anniversary episode of a Torah Smashed version of Dungeons & Dragons.

Character Information:

NOA (played by Barak Malkin) Changeling Sorcerer. She is a daughter of Zelophahad and twin sister to Tirza.

TIRZA (played by Ethan Lane-Miller) Changeling Ranger. She is a daughter of Zelophahad and twin sister to Noa.

CALEB (played by Rachel Frish) Wood Half-Elf Monk. He is second in command to Aaron.

ARONA (played by Rabbi Emma Gottlieb) Aasimar Cleric. She is the assigned protector of the Ark of the Covenant by Aaron.

RAHAB (played by Dr. Miriam Eve Mora) Eladrin Bard. She is a Canaanite sex worker who previously aided two of Joshua’s spies.

JOSHUA (played by Rabbi Benjamin Sharff) Holy Knight Paladin. He is the appointed leader of the Jewish people following Moses.

DUNGEON MASTER - RDY - The man behind the curtain, the puller of strings, and weaver of the improvised story made by the players.


The theme music for Torah Smash! was created by Shawn Fogel. You can check out Shawn's bands and studio work at


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